Earth Choice Award

Thank you to the Earth Day Film Festival for awarding ONI the Earth Choice Award. We are truly honored to be gifted this title.


"We are the Earth, not separate beings looking upon an alien planet. We are wild; we are interconnected; we are expansive. This film celebrates all facets of existence, eloquently illustrating that the birth and death process of the Earth are part of each of our journey. ONI is a psycho-magic documentary film, focused on the deep relationship among Sacred Plants, indigenous healing rituals and Universal Consciousness. Through the magic of dreams and visions, we embark on a journey into the jungle of the collective psyche. Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, a young Shipibo healer is initiated by the spirit of a mysterious plant alchemy known as Ayahuasca. Rather than using logic to explain an experiential phenomenon, ONI offers an emotional experience of universal consciousness through a colorful and poetic audio-visual immersion. Five years ago, the all-female film collective Republic of Light embarked on a journey to listen to the messages of the Earth and to allow their creation to arise organically.

The film itself was a ceremonial process, made with permission from the plant medicine and the shamans who are its guardians. In this way, ONI serves as an example of a collaborative creation with the Earth and of the transformational power of listening. The filmmakers maintained minimal impact on the planet while working from a converted school bus as the home and base for production. They left only prayers and gratitude to the people and the planet. ONI will serve as a guide to us all on how film can be elevated to the place of healing and ceremony."

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