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Updated: Apr 18, 2018

We are excited to announce Oni, the film we’ve been nurturing for the past 5 years is finally ready to be shared to the world. During the making of this project we went through a profound transformation in the way we embody the art of telling stories.

The time has come to celebrate in gratitude!

The Earth Day Film Festival will be premiering our film this April in Chico, California. We are excited to participate in a film festival functioning entirely on Clean Energy with Zero Waste goals!

The films being showcased will be shared around the world on Earth Day celebrating earth conscious films and filmmaking practices.

ONI has been nominated to the official selection for the New Paradigm Award, Activists Award & Earth's Choice Award!

We invite You!

All who have joined us and supported this film during this collective journey, to come and immerse yourself in this memorable cinematic experience. More screenings coming soon to Latin America, USA & Canada!

ONI will be the last screening of the festival, on Sunday 22nd at 7:30 pm at the historic El Rey Theater. The oldest movie theater in the state! Get your tickets here!

After the screening we will expand upon our experience creating this piece and how it was created in a way challenging traditional filmmaking paths and proposing a new language of weaving documentaries.

May you keep joining us in this journey.


Oni is the first episode of the psycho-magic documentary trilogy To the Origin focusing on the deep relationship between Sacred Plants, indigenous
 healing rituals and Universal Consciousness. This series pollinates ancestral knowledge and contemporary perspectives to awaken a transpersonal understanding of Human Nature.

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, a young Shipibo healer is initiated by the spirit of a mysterious plant alchemy known as Ayahuasca. 
Through the magic of dreams and visions we embark on a journey into the wet jungle of the collective psyche.

As the narrative develops, we are lifted into numinous realms manifested in symbolic imagery. The teachings of this plant reveals the secrets of the sacred feminine through a transpersonal journey, introducing us to spiritual healing. Humans experience a recurring transformational pattern when intentionally communing with Ayahuasca. 
This pattern is visually translated through a map of consciousness exploring the stages of: ego visions, the purge, unification of consciousness, death, archetypal visions, and rebirth. The six stages of this map are inspired by testimonies from around the world to connect the invisible worlds experienced when communing with Ayahuasca. These scenes are an interpretation of transcendental states of consciousness portrayed by archetypal characters and places. Surrealism and performance arts are the main sources of stylistic inspiration, proposing an intuitive way of weaving documentaries.

Watch the newest trailer if you haven’t already !


This film shaped us into the artists that we are today. We have deeply transformed ourselves through this work and carved our path as filmmakers expanding the idea of how stories can be created and shared in harmony with our planet. The trust, joy, growth and artistic expression is what fuels us and we humbly step forward to the sound of our own drum, the whispers of the forest and laughter of the spirits.

With lovingkindness,

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